A new full line of seating offering multiple seat frames and color shells to adapt to any environment.

The educational version has a 16” H frame to better fit students while the commercial version comes in a standard 18”. In addition, the educational version has 1″ leg thickness whereas the commercial version comes in a sleek 0.75″.

The Seed collection offers a wide range of frames to match a broad range of applications and users such as Cantilever, 4-Leg, 5-Leg Star Chair, 5-Leg Star Stool, Sled and the Enroll Tablet Chair.

The shell comes in Midnight, Black, Graphite, Lime, Light Blue and Red.

For the 5-Star Chair and the 5-Star Stool we have soft caster and hard caster options.


Available Options

SKU Description Height Base Price
SG.SD.TB.18.TN.6XX.XX Seed Enroll - Arm And No Cup Holder 18" Enroll $792.00
SG.SD.TB.18.NN.6XX.XX Seed Enroll - No Arm And No Cup Holder 18" Enroll $775.00
SG.SD.TB.18.TC.6XX.XX Seed Enroll - Arm And Cup Holder 18" Enroll $815.00
SG.SD.E4L.16.6XX.7XX.PL Seed Educational 4-Leg 16" 4 Leg $209.22
SG.SD.E4L.18.6XX.7XX.PL Seed Educational 4-Leg 18" 4 Leg $215.67
SG.SD.C4L.18.6XX.7XX.PL Seed Commercial 4-Leg 18" 4 Leg $200.56
SG.SD.5P.SE.6XX.XX Seed 5-Star Chair - Plastic Base 16.5" To 21.5" 5 Star $317.15
SG.SD.5P.ST.6XX.XX Seed 5-Star Stool - Plastic Base 23" To 33" 5 Star $384.00
SG.SD.5A.SE.6XX.XX Seed 5-Star Chair - Aluminum Base 16.5" To 21.5" 5 Star $365.40
SG.SD.5A.ST.6XX.XX Seed 5-Star Stool - Aluminum Base 23" To 33" 5 Star $455.00
SG.SD.C.16.6XX.7XX.PL Seed Cantilever Base 16" Cantilever $204.96
SG.SD.C.18.6XX.7XX.PL Seed Cantilever Base 18" Cantilever $209.45
SG.SD.R.16.6XX.7XX.PL Seed Sled Frame 16" Sled $204.96
SG.SD.R.18.6XX.7XX.PL Seed Sled Frame 18" Sled $209.45