The full Opti+ seating line is designed to allow the body to move while sitting. The split-angle shell design tilts the chair forward, promoting active seating. In addition, the Opti+ seating collection has a higher seating position that, when paired with Opti+ desks, creates an ideal solution for classroom ergonomics and collaboration.

Shell features 5 points of flexibility that promotes active seating

Integrated lumbar support follows the curvature of the back

Shell offered in five standard colors

Available in two shell sizes to accommodate children and adults

Opti+ Move features integrated foot rest

Convenient, discreet handhold for moving or stacking

Easily stacks on work surfaces without marring or scratching (cantilever/ v-frame)

BIFMA certified

Available in Cantilever (C) Frame, V-Frame, and 5-Star frames



Available Options

SKU Description Height Price
SG.OP.C.14.6_ _.7_ _.PL Cantilever (C) Frame - Nylon Glide 14" $169.95
SG.OP.C.16.6_ _.7_ _.PL Cantilever (C) Frame - Nylon Glide 16" $185.40
SG.OP.C.18.6_ _.7_ _.PL Cantilever (C) Frame - Nylon Glide 18" $200.85
SG.OP.C.20.6_ _.7_ _.PL Cantilever (C) Frame - Nylon Glide 20" $200.85
SG.OP.V.24.6_ _.7_ _.PL V-Frame Stool - Nylon Glide 24" $211.15
SG.OP.V.29.6_ _.7_ _.PL V-Frame Stool - Nylon Glide 29" $221.45
SG.OP.5P.SE.6_ _.HC 5-Star Chair with Plastic Base - Hard Casters 17 To 22" $295.61
SG.OP.5A.SE.6_ _.HC 5-Star Chair with Metal Base - Hard Casters 17 To 22" $417.15
SG.OP.5P.ST.6_ _.HC 5-Star Stool with Plastic Base - Hard Casters 23 To 33" $311.06
SG.OP.5A.ST.6_ _.HC 5-Star Stool with Metal Base - Hard Casters 23 To 33" $437.75

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