With a natural wood trim, the Inspire Elan Trim Board brings warmth and style to your space. Available in a variety of sizes and two different wood finishes, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Natural wood with angled profile and stylish aluminum corner caps

Mahogany and oak finishes to complement any decor

Superior contract grade surfaces

Matching aluminum accessory tray with writing surfaces

Manufactured in the US of foreign and domestic materials



Available Options

SKU Description Dimensions: W - H Surface Type Price
VNA3033H 96" x 48" Natural Cork Plate $601.00
VNA2023H 96" x 48" Porcelain Steel $1,004.00
VNA3033G 72" x 48" Natural Cork Plate $447.00
VNA2023G 72" x 48" Porcelain Steel $780.00
VNA3033D 48" x 48" Natural Cork Plate $314.00
VNA2023D 48" x 48" Porcelain Steel $548.00
VNA3033C 48" x 36" Natural Cork Plate $251.00
VNA2023C 48" x 36" Porcelain Steel $524.00
VNA3033B 36" x 24" Natural Cork Plate $185.00
VNA2023B 36" x 24" Porcelain Steel $401.00