Our Services

Vanerum North America is dedicated to providing outstanding services that are geared to help you complete your projects.

Rendering & Layout

If you need to see how our products will work in your environment, we an provide you with quality renderings that will help answer all of  your questions. Renderings can be provided as basic line drawings, textured with relevant textiles/laminates, or fully propped previews of a space. Contact us for more information on receiving renders for your project.

Vanerum Studio

We created Vanerum Studio to give you what you want. Time and time again we have collaborated with dealers and their clients to deliver exactly what they’ve requested. With you as our guide, we detect the unmet need, brainstorm various concepts, create a functional design, and deliver. To learn more about the process and how we can help you, visit the Vanerum Studio page on our website.


Vanerum North America has an outstanding industry reputation for installation services thanks to the proven processes we follow. The planning phase of installation beings long before the product arrives and continues until the last piece is in place. Plus, our recent collaboration with MooreCo bolsters our delivery and installation services.