Our Brand

Vanerum North America is dedicated to providing each customer with outstanding products and services for their learning environments. We deliver educational and workplace based services and solutions that help solve the unique issues these segments face, all of which are infused with our i3 philosophy.

Our Brand Promise

Our brand promise is i3Interactive, integrated, and inspiring learning environments. It's what differentiates us and makes us special. i3 is our blueprint for the entire learning space, both physical and virtual - inside and outside of educational environments. Visit our i3 Environments page to learn more about this philosophy.

A Big Picture Approach

We take a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach because the problems our clients face are complex and multi-faceted. Through our capability to integrate comprehensive solutions combining knowledge, products, and services, we add greater value to our partners' efforts.

We Strive to Be:

Innovative and dynamic in anticipating new challenges and responses

Responsive and efficient in delivering our commitments

Adaptive in learning from our own experiences and those of our partners

Nimble to seize new opportunities quickly

We Take Pride in Our Ability to Offer:

Knowledge & Research

Rich Global Heritage in Education

Understanding User Needs

Continuous Research into the Shift in Education

(New World of Learning CEU Seminar)

Product Solutions

Interactive and Integrated Future & Technology

Encourage Differentiated Instruction & Collaboration

User Based Product Design

Holistic approach - 'i3 Environments'

Comprehensive Services

Interior Design & Support Specification

Inclusive Rendering & Layout Design

Project Planning & Management